Young adults play hard to get with ecommerce retailers

Young adults represent the hardest group to sell to when it comes to online retailing, research from Royal Mail has found. More than half  (54 per cent) of those aged between 16-24 have a habit of abandoning their virtual shopping baskets before going … Continued

Pinterest is an important marketing tool for e-commerce success

Pinterest can be really useful to those hoping to increase the number of people making an online payment through their website. That’s according to Paul Chaney who shared his advice on e-commerce specialists with Suggesting that the site has become one … Continued

China’s e-commerce sector up 45.3 per cent year on year

New research has shown that China’s e-commerce sector has increased by 45.3 per cent in revenue year on year, according to Official data shows that the number of online payment transactions accumulated to a sum of 4.98 trillion yuan (£521.91 billion) in … Continued

E-commerce spending up again this year in US

The latest statistics show that the e-commerce spending is up again in the US this year, according to Research from internet analytics firm comScore shows that the number of American customers making online payment transactions has increased for the 15th … Continued

Chinese government to bring in new e-commerce measures

The Chinese government is to bring in new e-commerce measures after the country posted its largest decline in traditional exports in June of this year, according to It has been claimed that the country’s Ministry of Commerce is currently drafting … Continued

Popular retail websites are getting slower

America’s most popular retail websites are getting slower, according to new research. A study, conducted by application delivery company Radware, found that the websites appearing in the US Alexa Retail 500 list take 7.72 seconds to load on average. That’s 13.7 per … Continued

B2C ecommerce “booming” across the globe

New readings show online sales of products “booming” for retailers across the world. The latest review of the global ecommerce market from research company covers revenues and a share of B2C ecommerce’s contribution to total retail sales by region and country. The company … Continued