We have more than 15 years of expertise in providing powerful and secure payment processing to Acquiring banks around the world. We are a registered MSP/TPP with both Visa and MasterCard, and a registered Independent Sales Organization, with Visa Latin American Caribbean Region (LACR).

Our payments platform is PCI compliant and audited annually.

Our payment gateway is compliant with Visa and MasterCard EU, CEMEA and LACR.

  • If you are entering eCommerce merchant acquiring for the first time
  • If you need additional gateway capacity to expand your existing eCommerce merchant acquiring programme
  • If you want to upgrade your payment gateway services/move from an existing processor
  • If you want to attract new merchants for eCommerce acquiring services at your bank

Our processing platform, called cGate®, is scalable and can facilitate high capacity eCommerce transaction processing. It runs on the majority of hardware and software operating systems that are typically used by Internet merchants around the world today.

cGate® supports compliant Address Verification Services (AVS) for North American cardholders, 3-D Secure™ (Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™) and Card Verification Values (CVV2/CVC2/CID) authentication in the card-not-present (CNP) environments.

cGate®SecureBatch enables your merchants to submit batches of Internet-based transactions, or recurring payments, simultaneously with confirmation files returned in specific formats for reconciliation and audit purposes.

cGate® WebReporter offers Acquirers, and their merchants, a review of the previous day’s transaction reports and batch histories. These reports include declined transactions reports and BIN level reports to assist in detection of BIN attacks at suspect merchant sites. This service also enables Acquirers to view aggregate merchant portfolio volumes, and can be used to assist with portfolio risk monitoring and chargeback monitoring. Acquirers can also run detailed reports for Card Association Quarterly Reporting.

cGate® SecureXML enables your merchants with expertise in the Microsoft.NET environment to have their application post transactions directly to cGate® using XML over an SSL connection. It supports Microsoft.NET platforms using SOAP development technologies.

Your merchants are provided a unique login ID and password to access the web-based Virtual Terminal where they can conduct administrative tasks such as voids, credit and returns.

Up to 12 months of processing history, including decline transaction reports, is available as part of the advanced level of reporting.

Our various technical and sales teams are skilled and experienced in placing merchants (and helping them to integrate) to Acquiring banks around the world.

We offer Acquirers the opportunity to participate in an extensive merchant referral programme, whereby we work with you to tailor a solution based on your specific business needs.

In addition, we aggressively promote our services around the world through direct marketing, advertising, conferences, and other online media, to attract new Internet merchants to our solutions via Acquiring banks around the world.

We also work with partners located in key jurisdictions around the world to encourage the introduction of new referred clients.

Please contact Chris Burns, CEO – cburns@fac.bm – to provide us with your specific requirements.

You as the Acquiring bank initiate final approval based on merchants satisfactorily completing your Know-Your-Customer, credit risk and due diligence processes.

Once you have given us final approval, we work with merchants to help them to integrate to our processing platform, providing technical, sales and training support getting them ready to go-live.

You would establish their Merchant Ids (MIDS) in your systems and provide our teams with these for final ‘production’ testing. There are many variables and considerations to this process and we will work with your team to establish the appropriate protocols and processes.

Every case is different, and depends on many things, including the merchant’s technical capabilities, focus on reviewing and signing contracts, and the time it takes for you to obtain the MIDS and open the settlement accounts.

  • New eCommerce acquiring business
  • Reduction in interchange fees/costs if 3-D Secure™ is implemented and mandated on your merchant transactions
  • Reduced card fraud leading to an improved merchant portfolio when 3-D Secure™ is implemented
  • Extensive sales and marketing experience including an International business development team that would promote your programme to target geographies and verticals
  • Extensive technical capabilities and skills are made available to you for assistance with integrating our powerful platform to your chosen systems
  • All your merchants would receive 24×7 emergency technical support
  • The ability for you to view all your merchants’ processing via secure web reports
  • Multi-currency transaction processing
  • Pre-authentication services including Address Verification Services (AVS), CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard and CID for American Express
  • Payer authentication services — 3-D Secure™
  • Processing options that include Real-time, Batch, Virtual Terminal
  • Recurring Payments
  • Hosted Payment Page
  • Tokenization
  • Ability for your merchants to process authorizations, sales, voids, returns and credits quickly and easily
  • Internet access allows multiple users to stay directly connected for a faster payments and authorisation processing timeframe
  • File import and export features for recurring payments
  • Accessible immediately through a PC with an Internet browser connection
  • Supports multiple user levels of security for transaction and merchant authentication
  • Access to secure, online, daily transaction reports with advanced search capabilities
  • Access to fraud and suspicious transaction activity reports

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.