5 Caribbean Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023: Unleashing Innovation and Impact 

Amidst the ever-evolving Caribbean entrepreneurial landscape, a surge of innovators is leaving their indelible imprint. These visionaries are not just shaping local industries but are also inspiring global change. Here are five remarkable Caribbean entrepreneurs who are poised to redefine success in 2023 and beyond. 

Anya Ayoung-Chee: Revolutionizing Fashion and Social Impact 

Anya Ayoung-Chee, a fashion maven and social entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago, has taken the fashion world by storm. From representing her nation at the Miss Universe pageant to clinching victory on Project Runway, Anya’s creative journey is awe-inspiring. Her womenswear line and ventures like HOME co-working space and HOME Café showcase her multifaceted approach. A co-founder of the Together WI Foundation and Nudge Caribbean, she’s driving social and economic growth across the region. Click here to find out Anya’s thoughts on the role incubators and accelerators play in the Caribbean’s ecommerce landscape.

Michele Marius: Championing Caribbean ICT Perspectives 

    Meet Michele Marius, the driving force behind ICT Pulse, a platform dedicated to ICT discussions from a Caribbean perspective. With a wealth of experience in telecommunications and ICT policy, Michele is bridging the gap between key developments in the industry and their impact on the Caribbean. Through her blog, she shines a light on pertinent issues and their relevance to the region, offering insights that can shape its digital future. Click here to find out Michele’s thoughts on the role women play in the Digital Transformation of the Caribbean. 

    Zachary Harding: A Corporate Visionary and Change Agent 

    Zachary Harding, a corporate leader hailing from Jamaica, is a true power broker. His strategic prowess and transformative approaches have breathed new life into challenged businesses. With an impressive track record of turning around companies and a commitment to enhancing Jamaica’s economic landscape, Zachary is a trailblazer to watch. Click here to find out how to scale your ecommerce business from Zachary.  

    Sandra Glasgow: Empowering Growth and Governance 

    Sandra Glasgow’s impact in the Caribbean business landscape is profound. As the Founder of BizTactics Limited, she’s mentoring growth-driven firms and promoting best-in-class corporate governance. Her role in establishing Jamaica’s first Angel Investor Network and the Technology Innovation Centre exemplify her dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Named one of the top 50 Caribbean Women in Technology, Sandra is a beacon of empowerment. Click here to find out Sandra’s insights on the top 3 benefits of incubators and accelerators for Caribbean Entrepreneurs.  

    David Mullings: Pioneering Finance and Entrepreneurship 

    David Mullings is a serial entrepreneur whose influence spans finance and entrepreneurship. As the Founder and Director of Blue Mahoe Capital Partners, he’s making waves in the finance industry. With roles in major organizations, he’s an advocate for growth and innovation. Serving as a mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean, his commitment to nurturing emerging talent is undeniable. David appeared on the #FACLive show and shared exclusive advice for ecommerce entrepreneurs. 

    These five entrepreneurs are not just making waves in their respective industries but are also shaping the Caribbean’s future. From fashion to technology, finance to social impact, their stories inspire us to dream bigger and aim higher. Keep your eyes on these game-changers, for their journey is a testament to the incredible possibilities within the Caribbean entrepreneurial landscape. 

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