Bahamas Banks that work with First Atlantic Commerce

Online payment solutions have continued to grow in recent years in the Bahamas.  Companies have been adapting to online shopping and gaining the benefits it has given to both consumers and businesses alike.  Especially, in the last year. Various banks in the Bahamas work with First Atlantic Commerce to give local companies the ability to carry out and process online payments.

Here at First Atlantic Commerce, we work directly with regional banks and support them in providing customers with integrated multi-currency payment processing, consumer authentication, as well as fraud and data management solutions.

We offer various merchant acquiring solutions such as:

What Banks in the Bahamas work with First Atlantic Solutions?

We currently work with three banks in the Bahamas: Royal Bank Canada, Scotiabank Bahamas and CIBC First Caribbean International Bank.  Each bank provides different types of online payment solutions and has their specific set of requirements for companies to begin their e-commerce journey.  Therefore, we have listed below each bank we work with and how you can contact their online merchant department to learn more about their services.

Banks in the Bahamas that work with First Atlantic Commerce:

Royal Bank Canada:

Customers of Royal Bank Canada can learn more about their e-commerce services via their website.  However, companies that require more information or would like to start their e-commerce journey can contact their Merchant Services Team by calling the following numbers:

Scotiabank Bahamas

Scotiabank Bahamas also supports their customers’ e-commerce efforts.  Customers that want to learn more can also visit  their website, their nearest branch or call and email:

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank also offers online payment solutions to their customers.  They have a detailed web page that gives their customers some general information about e-commerce.   However, companies that would like to start implementing e-commerce on their website are encouraged to contact their sales team for the Bahamas via phone and email:

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