Banks in Trinidad & Tobago that are Affiliated with First Atlantic Commerce

Banks in Trinidad and Tobago that are affiliated with First Atlantic Commerce offer companies various e-commerce solutions.  As more local companies go online and try to find online payment options it is important that they know what banks offer these services.   Various banks in Trinidad and Tobago work with First Atlantic Commerce due to our 20 plus years of experience in multi-currency payment processing.

Additionally, our services and expertise include consumer authentication as well as fraud and data management solutions.  We work with acquiring banks in Central America and the Caribbean to bring safe, secure and sufficient online payment solutions.

What services does First Atlantic Commerce offer to local banks?

First Atlantic Commerce has years of experience providing a secure online payment gateway for organizations across LACR.  These solutions include:

What banks in Trinidad and Tobago work with First Atlantic Commerce?

First Atlantic Commerce works with many banks in Trinidad and Tobago to bring e-commerce solutions to local businesses and consumers.   The banks that we work within Trinidad and Tobago are:

Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Limited:

If you are interested in learning more about the e-commerce solutions offered at Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago Limited you can contact them via phone or email:

Royal Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited:

First Atlantic Commerce also works with Royal Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited to provide their clients with online payment options.  To contact their departments that specifically deal with online merchant accounts and e-commerce solutions you can call:

  • (868) 625-7288 ext. 38172
  • (868) 625-7288 ext. 80350
Republic Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited

Republic Bank is an affiliate of First Atlantic Commerce.  Companies that want to learn more about their Merchant Services can contact the marketing representative for their area for more information. However, companies that want to start implementing online payment solutions can fill out their Merchant Services Application.  Once that is completed, companies can then email a scanned copy to

First Citizens Bank Trinidad and Tobago

We also work with First Citizens Bank to provide online payments to their customers in Trinidad and Tobago.  Customers interested in these services can research the specific e-commerce solutions First Citizens offers on their extremely detailed web page.  This page gives customers all the information they need about their e-commerce services and the requirements for companies who want to use any of those services.  They also have an online application for Merchant Services that businesses can fill out and send to

First Atlantic Commerce provides online payment solutions and international credit card processing for merchants and banks in the Caribbean and Central America. Our services allow merchants to accept and process credit and debit card payments online! Learn more about our online payment solutions and how you can implement it on your website today!