Cayman Island Banks that work with FAC to bring E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce has been quickly growing in the Caribbean, especially since the onset of the pandemic and subsequently lockdowns across the region.   During this time online payment solutions have enabled Caribbean businesses to remain adaptable and open during some very turbulent months.

For companies in the Cayman Islands that are currently looking for e-commerce solutions for their company, it is important to know the options available.  Here at First Atlantic Commerce, we work with banks in the Cayman Islands to ensure that local companies have both efficient and secure online payments.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing secure and robust Internet payment solutions, offering a range of services that includes multi-currency, real-time credit card and debit card processing as well as online consumer authentication and other fraud management services.

What Cayman Island Banks work with FAC?

Online payment solutions are available through many local banks in the Cayman Islands.  Each bank offers various online payment solutions and also require different types of criteria to start using them. Below we have listed each bank that works with First Atlantic Commerce and a direct contact to their online merchant services.

Cayman Island Banks that work with FAC:

Royal Bank Canada โ€“ Cayman Islands

RBC in the Cayman Islands offers different types of e-commerce options.  Customers that want to learn about their service can visit their nearest branch or contact their Merchant Services Team directly.  Customers can also call the following numbers:

  • (345) 946-5245 ext. 69038
  • (345) 946-5245 ext. 69038
  • (242) 356-2045 ext. 67058
  • Or e-mail
Scotiabank – Cayman Islands

Scotiabank also asks customer interested in their online merchant services to contact them via phone.  People interested in these services can call:

 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) โ€“ Cayman Islands

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) also offers online payment solutions to its customers.  Customers of CIBC are asked to visit their nearest bank on the islands, which they can find on their map of branches and ATMs.  However, customers can also contact their merchant services team by calling or emailing them via these contacts:

Butterfield Bank โ€“ Cayman Islands

Butterfield Bank also provides e-commerce solutions.  Customers that want to learn more about their specific online payment services and the requirements to start their e-commerce journey are encouraged to contact this email and number to learn more:

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