How to Get More People to Your Website in the Caribbean

Getting more people to your website in the Caribbean can be quite the task.  After investing the time and money to open and maintain a website having only a few people visit can be quite a loss.  However,  there are many fundamental elements of SEO, customer knowledge and marketing that have to be implemented into a company’s digital strategy to ensure they get the benefits of having an e-commerce website.

That being said here are some important factors that can get more people to your website in the Caribbean:

1. SEO

SEO is unfortunately still very overlooked in the Caribbean.  Especially effective SEO adaptations.  This must be included within the digital strategy for companies that have a website.  Maintaining SEO practices allows a company’s website to remain at the top of Google searches.  Especially searches related to their industry and customer needs.  This ensures the website is optimal for an easy user experience.  However, it also gives the brand exposure to a wider range of potential audiences.  SEO is critical for regional companies that want to get the bang for their buck when it comes to e-commerce sales.

Learn more about basic SEO practices here. 

2. Effective Social Media

Social media is one of the main avenues to getting more clicks and sales on a website.  Many regional companies still struggle to find out how to get their customers to actually make a purchase through their content. There are a few ways to increase sales through social media, one of the main avenues to find what works for a company is by, firstly, presenting the product and service online whether through a post or story and making the process from that post to the website and finally to purchase & delivery as smooth and seamless as possible.

This can be through ads that link directly to the website or even using services like Fygaro which enable companies to actually have ‘Social Media Buy Buttons.’   In fact, many regional banks work with Fygaro to bring this service to customers so companies can contact their bank representative to see if that is available to them.

If you want to learn more about getting more sales through social media you learn more about that here.

3. Functional Website

A fundamental part of SEO is having a functional website.  SEO includes many things, there is the technical side and the content.  This means that companies have to cover all the bases.  For example, the company needs to be mobile-friendly, companies should have a detailed “About Us” page and more.  Part of getting more people to your website is also ensuring that the website they visit is functional and user friendly.

This blog is based on a discussion from a First Atlantic Commerce Live show with Ariel Roch, from Fygaro.  You can catch the video here.

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