How to Increase Product Reviews on Your Website

Product reviews are one of the best ways to increase conversions on a website.   Reviews, especially positive ones, are often the final decision-maker for a customer to press that “Add to Cart” button.  Yet many, customers are reluctant to add reviews which have resulted in companies having to put measures in place to encourage their customers to leave their thoughts and opinions on products.

Here are some things businesses can do to increase product reviews on e-commerce websites:

1. Make the “Review” Process as Smooth as Possible

Customers are often very reluctant or simply forget to leave reviews after they purchase a product/service.  Therefore, companies have to make the process easy and seamless for the user.  The more difficult it is to do the less likely, customers will leave a review.

Many companies place a “Leave a Review” button next to the product photos or at the bottom of the product page.  However, other companies have seen more success by directly contacting customers to leave reviews. ASOS sends customer review emails two weeks after purchase.  The email contains each purchased product with a 1–5-star rating directly next to it.  Once the customer clicks the rating stars or the “Write a Review” CTA, they will be redirected to the product page’s review section.

The strategy by ASOS is a perfect example of a seamless approach that effectively encourages customers to leave reviews.

2. Share Reviews

Another way to inform and motivate your customers to leave reviews is by highlighting some of your current reviews on social media.  This strategy is used by many companies but can be particularly beneficial to small businesses that want more posts to prove their authenticity.

Customer reviews on social media encourage other customers to post their opinions or experiences, however, they can also act as testimonials (with the customer’s consent, especially if you are using their name or @).  These are highly effective at building trust and overcoming any scepticism on the customer’s end.

3.Use Incentives

Companies also offer customers incentives in exchange for leaving reviews for products or services.  This includes discounts, loyalty programs or any reward that the customer can receive when they leave reviews on the website.  This is one of the most effective ways companies get more product reviews.  It is also an approach that can also increase repeat sales.  However, this step will only work if the process to make the review is as easy and user friendly as possible.

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