Tips for Increasing E-Commerce Sales Through Social Media in the Caribbean

Social media is one of the best ways for businesses to increase website clicks and online sales.  With more companies online in the Caribbean than ever, it can be a bit more competitive. This combined with the fact that many e-commerce features on social media platforms, like Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shops, are not yet available in the Caribbean, means that local companies have to try twice as hard to get people to their website.

There are a variety of ways regional businesses have been able to get over this hurdle.  So here are some tips for increasing sales on social media in the Caribbean:

1. Discounts or Coupon Codes

This may seem like an obvious way to increase sales; however, it is used often because it works often.   Consumers are always interested in discounts, so this is a great way to get people on to a company’s website.

However, companies must have parameters around their discounts or sales.  For example, many companies trade a discount for a customer’s email address.  This increases the companies database for customers for future leads.  Another parameter is setting a time limit on the sale, this is both a measure for the company and to get customers to jump on the offer faster, for example, free shipping for today only!

2. Mobile-Friendly Website

This is a common error many regional businesses tend to make but it is an important factor in e-commerce sales.  Recent statistics by Hootsuite & We Are Social, have revealed that the majority of the regional population is using social media through their phones.  Their statistics show that countries like Trinidad and Tobago have a 98.6% rate of social media users who access the apps through their mobile devices.  Barbados’s number stands at 97.9%.  This is why Caribbean businesses must optimize their mobile website to ensure a seamless experience from social media app/ad to e-commerce purchase.

Companies can test their website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

3. Make the Most Out of Social Media Ads

Businesses have to use social media ads wisely.  Companies must find the ad formats that work best for their audience and website clicks.  One of the best ways to find this out is by looking at a business’ page analytics.  These numbers have insight into the age group, gender, interests and behaviours of the audience that generally likes and engages with their content.

This data will also indicate what ad formats work the best for clicks, for example, a company may see that their Instagram Stories have higher engagement, amongst men over 30.  They can then create an Instagram Story Ad that:

  • Is targeted to this audience in the country
  • And has as a direct link to the landing page with the sale

This type of data can’t be taken for granted and must be utilized to ensure the return on investment for future social media ads.

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