Why Convenience Doesn’t Trump Security When It Comes to E-Commerce


Last month, Ticketmaster announced that it had suffered a security breach due to malicious software on a third-party customer support tool. The BBC reports that as many as 40,000 UK customers could have been affected. The security breach took place between February and June, and customers in North America were apparently not affected.

The Ticketmaster hacking is the latest evidence of the risk people face when they decide to shop online. And a majority of online shoppers are holding banks and retailers accountable, saying they must do more to combat hackers out for their credit card information and other data.

In a poll conducted by the Electronic Payments Coalition®, those surveyed said they wanted more security in e-commerce:

  • 3 in 5 consumers place primary responsibility on financial institutions to develop secure ways to pay for things online.
  • A majority believe that retailers must be held responsible for e-commerce security as well.
  • A majority of customers want authentication methods, like biometrics and encryption, to increase payment security.

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