How to Create a Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Website

Having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website has become a priority for many businesses.  Especially, because many consumers use their phones for their internet and digital activity.  Including shopping.  Forbes recently reported that mobile commerce is expected “to grow [by] 68% by … Continued

How to Increase Product Reviews on Your Website

Product reviews are one of the best ways to increase conversions on a website.   Reviews, especially positive ones, are often the final decision-maker for a customer to press that “Add to Cart” button.  Yet many, customers are reluctant to add … Continued

Email Marketing Tips for SMEs in Jamaica

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing in Jamaica.  It has been beneficial for businesses of various sizes.  Due to how many people regularly check their email daily it has become one of the best … Continued

What Caribbean Businesses Should Know About PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a pertinent requirement for all e-commerce businesses in the Caribbean. For companies to fulfil a safe and secure e-commerce experience while simultaneously ensuring they are meeting international privacy standards; they will need to meet all the requirements … Continued

Raising Capital as an Entrepreneur in the Caribbean

Raising capital is a major aspect of being an entrepreneur.  Whether it is start-up capital or when your company needs money to continue its growth.  It is a reality for many regional entrepreneurs, yet, not all entrepreneurs are sure how … Continued

Establishing Your Business’s Credibility Online in Jamaica

As more regional companies build their websites and use e-commerce the need for trust between new customers online and the brand is vital.  Prior to COVID-19, Caribbean consumers were hesitant to buy online from local merchants.  However, consumer habits have … Continued

Modern Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Modern marketing has completely revolutionized the way companies see and approach the consumer.  Marketing in the digital world has put the customer at the centre.  Companies now have to work to make the customer experience not only enticing but relevant … Continued

LiveChat vs Chatbot: Which is best?

One of the greatest benefits of having a website is the flexibility and ability to be open 24/7.  Being open around the clock, however, means that a company’s customer service also has to be open 24/7, especially if they are … Continued