Ensuring Secure Online Payments for Your Ecommerce Business


Gone are the days of visiting department stores to peruse and compare prices. Now consumers have the internet for that. With the convenience and ease of shopping online, global ecommerce is on the rise.  A recent survey found 54% of respondents in 25 countries buy products online weekly or monthly.

Shopping internationally is also a growing ecommerce trend. Another report found 90% of consumers across the globe make at least a quarter of their purchases online, including purchases from stores in other countries. Eighty-seven percent of Chinese respondents said they shop with retailers outside their country. Sixty-two percent of Europeans and almost half of Americans also shop across national borders.

In order to have a successful international ecommerce store, you need to provide a secure platform for accepting online payments. Here’s what you’ll need to go global:

Online Merchant Account

If you want to operate globally, you’ll need an international online merchant account. An online merchant account enables you to accept credit card payments over the internet. Every time a customer makes a purchase, the funds are settled to your merchant account, which you directly hold with the bank. With an online merchant account from First Atlantic Commerce, your customers can pay in their local currency and you can have your funds settled in the operating currency of your business.

International Payment Gateway

In addition to your online merchant account, you’ll also need an international payment gateway, which is the technology platform that processes the credit card transactions. When a customer enters his payment information on your site, it’s sent to the payment gateway for processing.  The gateway passes the data to the merchant’s bank processor, which submits the details to the credit card networks, which then routes the transaction to the customer’s bank that issued the credit card.  The customer’s bank will approve or decline the transaction and send the results back to the networks, back to the merchant bank processor and on to the gateway.

Our international payment gateway service provides real-time credit card processing for multiple currencies. Learn more about international payment gateways and online merchant accounts here.

Advanced Fraud Protection

With online fraud on the rise, your business requires advanced fraud protection to mitigate those risks. Our powerful online fraud protection solutions at First Atlantic Commerce minimize and prevent fraudulent online transactions, chargebacks, and unauthorized payments. Protect your customers and your business by integrating our advanced fraud protection solutions into your ecommerce platform.



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