Merchant account fees

At First Atlantic Commerce we tailor our payment and fraud management solutions specifically to the merchant. We charge a per transaction fee for transaction processing, and will quote pricing in tiers according to transaction volume, with a minimum charge of $180 per month. We also charge a minimal professional services integration fee, which must be paid prior to access to your production account details.

Bank charges include the merchant discount rate (based on a range of factors such as industry type, volumes, history) and in some cases, a per transaction fee. Most banks also require a rolling reserve of 10% to be held for 180 days to cover the chargeback risk window. Alternatively, some banks will ask for upfront collateral.

Our business development team will explain the various charges involved and provide you with a full pricing proposal.

Payment gateway transaction fees as well as other fees for services such as fraud management must be paid monthly and on receipt of invoice, while the bank fees are deducted directly from processing in line with the bank contract.  



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