Top Three Benefits of Having a Payment Gateway

Say you’re a small brick and mortar company or a new product creator, interested in taking your business to the next level. Someone may have suggested you check out payment gateways as a tool to sell your products faster and … Continued

What is a Payment Gateway?

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4 Ways AI is Changing the Present and Future of Payment Processing

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Brushing up on Cybersecurity

Open almost any business website, magazine, or media of any kind, and you’ll no doubt hear about some new cyberthreats. It’s enough to make you wonder if this is not the media crying wolf. After all, how bad could the … Continued

Merchants Must Heed Requests From Credit Card Associations

First Atlantic Commerce, a multi-field payment processing company, works with merchants who have real-time and recurring payment processing needs. We find that often, a merchant will reach out to us after they have built their website and are looking for … Continued

What Do VPNs Have To Offer For Online Payments?

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What Should You Look for in Your Freelance Payment Platform?

A 2017 study revealed that about 57.3 million Americans are currently freelancing. This equates to about 36 percent of the entire workforce. However, by 2027, experts are projecting that the majority of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. From writers to … Continued