UK Merchant accounts

A merchant account is an essential component for all online businesses wishing to process transactions where the merchant is not present at the point of transaction (eg. credit and debit card payments). Without a merchant account, online businesses will be unable to process card payments from customer — a feature that may reduce their credibility and authenticity in the eyes of online consumers.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is not the same as a bank account. A merchant account is special type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by credit and debit card transactions.

First Atlantic Commerce has over 15 years of experience in the online payment field alongside connections to banks across the globe. FAC can reach out to its acquiring bank network on the merchant’s behalf in order to get pre-approval on an account and assist with account opening documentation.

What do I need to get a merchant account in the UK?

A merchant will need to provide FAC with a completed pre-application form and three to six months of the most recent processing statements showing monthly volumes, refunds and chargebacks.

In order to gain bank approval, merchants will need to provide various documents including, but not limited to, company incorporation (the merchant must be based in the UK or Europe), details of the products or services being sold, monthly sales projections, corporate bank statements, financial statements, copy of passport for all account signatories and shareholders, and proof of residential address(es). 

There is no initial application fee to apply for gateway services via FAC. A one-time integration fee will be charged once the merchant is approved by the bank and moves to the integration phase. Our pricing strategy can be found in our Pricing FAQs in the Resource section of our website.

Established companies with a strong trading history looking to move into ecommerce or e-merchants looking to open additional merchant accounts and/or work with additional banks and gateways, can apply with First Atlantic Commerce online or phone/email/fax via details on our Contact Us page.

We are committed to superior customer service and look forward to helping you find the best solution to fit your online business. 


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