Worldwide Credit Card Processing — not something to shy away from!

What’s the most important thing to any business? Revenue. But before you can get to the sale, businesses have many other things to consider, from web development and marketing to the customer’s journey and user experience. Enabling the customer to make a purchase easily and efficiently is pivotal to businesses – particularly those who are branching out overseas and beginning to accept international credit card payments.

How a business intends to accept and process these payments could make or break them, especially in foreign markets. It’s not enough to simply continue with the same payment platforms you’ve established at home; greater emphasis needs to be placed on credit card security and fraud management, while international customers require payment methods that are tailored to them. This is exactly why Worldwide Credit Card Processing should be embraced by businesses, not shied away from.

No payment limitations

Implementing Worldwide Credit Card Processing presents unlimited opportunities to businesses, and bespoke solutions for each international market. The benefits start right at the beginning – what currencies can customers use to pay?

Businesses can opt to price their products and services in a wide range of international currencies spanning the globe. No customer should be made to feel confused by conversion rates.

A company needn’t worry about how they will convert a payment into the currency they wish to use for settlement, either. Merchants should look to work with payment gateways and merchant account providers that offer settlement in the currencies of their choice.

Incredible potential

The processing of international payments is not only efficient, it’s incredibly fast. In fact, it’s in real time – massively important to businesses that need to process a high volume of daily orders.

Take a transport company, such as a city metro system for example. With Worldwide Credit Card Processing there is potential for thousands of daily international credit card orders to be placed through near field communication via smartphones for every passenger who rides the trains. International visitors are able to pay in their preferred currency before the order is settled in the merchant’s chosen currency.

The same goes for any business accepting international credit card payments online. From the moment a customer uses a credit card to make an online payment, the info is relayed to a payment gateway (like First Atlantic Commerce) who processes the data and forwards it to the merchant bank’s payment processor, who in turn relays it to the credit card network who then request authorization from the customer’s international bank. All info then comes back through each of the aforementioned parties and the payment is complete.

Increasingly secure

Security is of the utmost importance when accepting international payments, which is why the best gateways have fraud solutions as part of their platforms, which are available to their merchants via integration to the gateway.

First Atlantic Commerce has integrated Kount to its platform so all of Kount’s award winning fraud prevention solutions can be accessed via one interface to the gateway.

With Worldwide Credit Card Processing, you can have the most effective and streamlined payment processes working for you. Why would any business want to shy away from that?


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