First Atlantic Commerce introduces cGate® SecureRisk a comprehensive suite of consumer pre‐authentication solutions for the online Internet payment industry

Hamilton, Bermuda. September 24, 2008. First Atlantic Commerce Ltd. (FAC), a leading international, online multi‐currency payment and risk management solutions provider, unveils a comprehensive suite of ‘card‐not‐present’ consumer pre‐authentication solutions aimed at reducing online payment fraud, enhancing real‐time payment fraud reporting, and mitigating Internet payment related risks for both bank acquirers and online businesses.

cGate® SecureRisk consists of a suite of services including North American Address Verification Services (AVS), Card Verification match checks (CVV2/CVC2), AMEX CID match checks, worldwide 3‐D Secure™ solutions, IP Geolocation and Geocompliance services and the company’s newest product, cGate®Validate – a unique Card Account Confirmation service that enables banks and businesses to validate the consumer is in possession of both the physical card, and the monthly billing statement, when an online account is established.

Cardholders would be required to verify the amount and billing statement description of a particular transaction amount and confirm the details at the participating merchant’s web site or customer service centre in order to be confirmed as a legitimate cardholder.

“It’s not just online businesses who are targets of cardholder credit card fraud. Banks, Card Associations, payment processors, Call Centres and any online financial services provider, are also prime targets to credit card fraud through skimming, phishing and identify theft scams,” states Andrea Wilson, CEO, First Atlantic Commerce Ltd.

“In this day and age everyone needs to be far more pro‐active in pre‐authentication of credit card transactions and/or consumers ahead of a fraud loss,” adds Andrea Wilson.

FAC’s cGate® SecureRisk solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client’s risk profile, including support of $0 AVS, $0 CVV2/CVC2, Call Centre AVS and preauthorisation services, and AVS zip code matching to IP Geolocation verification requests.

FAC’s multi‐currency 3‐D Secure™ solutions including Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™ are available as a standalone service to acquiring banks and merchants who wish to identify if the cardholder (or Issuer) is participating in 3‐D Secure™ in advance of the actual payment request, which may be conducted through another processor.

FAC’s 3‐D Secure™ only services can be implemented independently of payment gateway transaction services providing more flexibility to acquirers and payment processors for payment screening.

“What is unique about FAC’s cGate®SecureRisk services is that they are available in multiple currencies, and countries, so merchants and acquiring banks anywhere in the world can implement their choice of solutions, and have an immediate benefit with reduction in online transactional risk,” states Andrea Wilson.

“Being flexible and meeting the risk profile of our clients is the ultimate goal of this new service suite,” concludes Andrea Wilson.

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About First Atlantic Commerce

Headquartered in Bermuda, and established in 1998 to create secure card‐based payment solutions for e‐businesses, FAC provides powerful technology designed to work with most merchant platforms, including Microsoft®, UNIX, and LINUX platforms. FAC’s cGate® technology offers service, flexibility and security to adapt to many business and bank acquirer requirements. Business solutions such as 3‐D Secure™ Payer Authentication, IP Geolocation, Virtual Corporations and offshore multi‐currency payment solutions are available in various international jurisdictions.


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