Christopher Burns joins FinTech Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FinTechTT) Board

FAC’s CEO helps to foster the development of FinTech ecosystem in Trinidad & Tobago and across the Caribbean

Hamilton, BermudaNovember 22, 2022. The FinTech Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FinTechTT), a not-for-profit organization that provides open membership to FinTech startups and tech companies, working closely with Government and regulators, hosted its second Annual Meeting last month, and the virtual event facilitated a transition from the outgoing to incoming Directors, as well as showcased the many achievements of the Association over its three-year existence.

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) CEO, Christopher Burns, joined the Board as Director of Public Education & Branding, and the Board has since convened to outline its work plan, which includes a series of member and stakeholder engagement activities.

In the last year, FinTechTT grew to almost 80-members strong; hosted its first open hack-a-thon with the support of UNIPET; represented at the FinTech Islands conference in Barbados, and at the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on Finance and Legal Affairs; and met with the Governor of Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT) to offer input in the CBTT’s e-money journey.

FAC is a Bermuda-based, feature-rich ecommerce payment gateway that delivers customized and flexible online credit and debit card processing to companies across the Caribbean and Central America.

Fintech TT is one of the pillars of the FinTech Roadmap for Trinidad & Tobago, which is a strategic plan for the country to become a FinTech enabled financial services hub. Led by a volunteer group of members who see the potential to improve the delivery of financial services in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean, the Association aims to be a driving force in the sustained development of FinTech solutions that put financial services within the reach of the unbanked and underbanked.

FAC advocates for the development of digital financial services in FinTech and is passionate about providing assistance and education.

About First Atlantic Commerce

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a leading online payment solutions provider that specializes in the Caribbean and Central America.  FAC is headquartered in Bermuda and was established in 1998 to create secure card-based payment solutions for online businesses.  FAC provides merchants with multi-currency payment solutions, tokenization services and PCI validated Point to Point Encryption solutions.  As well, FAC provides merchants and banks with fraud management services including AVS-only, CVV, 3-D Secure™ and Kount’s fraud control system, in multiple jurisdictions across the Latin American Caribbean Region.