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Partnership Programme

Our programme is open to anyone who has qualifed business to refer and who wants to work with us as one of our strategic channel partners. Typically, our partners operate as an indirect sales channel for FAC and introduce new merchants to us.

Some of our existng partners include:

  • Risk management companies looking to source third-party solutons for their online clients
  • Fiduciaries & Corporate Service Providers
  • ndependent Sales Organizatons (ISOs) with clients looking for internatonal payment and risk management solutons
  • Existng clients
  • Ecommerce Consultants
  • Web Hostng & Technology Companies
  • Payment Service Providers

All of our partners earn on-going income (for the life of the merchant) on

  • Monthly processing volumes
  • Standalone fraud management services

Some of the benefts that our partners enjoy include:

  • Compettve pricing & buy rates
  • Flexibility on rate mark-ups
  • Confdentality on residuals
  • Ongoing income paid monthly
  • Mult-currency residuals
  • Merchant protecton scheme
  • Online web reports to check processing volumes (permission based)
  • Tailor-made solutons designed for each client
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Marketng support

A range of solutons to ofer your merchants:

  • Mult-currency payments platorm
  • Regional expansion through a single integraton
  • Compettve per transacton pricing
  • Daily setlement (terms apply)
  • Range of card brands including Visa, MasterCard and
    American Express
  • Ukash
  • Alternatve Payment types
  • Direct merchant accounts with acquiring banks in key
  • Online transactons managed via secure web reports
  • Processing optons including real-tme, manual, recurring
    and batch
  • Sophistcated and automated online fraud protecton
  • 3-D Secure™ Verifed by Visa & MasterCard® SecureCode™
  • Transacton screening services
  • Address Verifcaton Services (AVS) and Card ID Verifcaton
    (CVC), including CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard® and
    CID for American Express
  • Access to known internatonal fduciaries

How To Become A Partner:

If you are interested in discussing a potental referral partnership, please provide us with a summary of your business and the profle types of clients you are looking to refer.

Contact our business development team today at info@fac.bm.

Alternatvely contact Tricia Lines Hill at tlineshill@fac.bm or telephone: 1.441.294.4625

Choose FAC As Your Partner

First Atlantc Commerce (FAC) powers payments for Internet companies around the world, ofering them a range of internatonal direct merchant accounts with banks in key jurisdictons as well as alternatve payment optons.

Our range of payment solutons help our customers expand into new geographies via a single integraton and a range of card brands including Visa, MasterCard® and American Express, along with Ukash and alternatve payment methods such as online cash payments, voucher based services, eWallets, banks transfers and prepaid cards.

FAC also ofers a range of authentcaton solutons to help merchants protect their online businesses from fraudulent transactons, chargebacks and unauthorized payments. Services include Address Verifcaton Services (AVS) and Card ID Verifcaton, Verifed by Visa® and MasterCard® SecureCode™, and transacton screening services.

Earn Additonal Revenue

FAC has been working with an established, worldwide network of partners from a variety of industries and backgrounds for more than a decade. We ofer our referral partners’ valued clients a wide range of powerful solutons from direct merchant accounts with banks around the world to integrated and standalone fraud and data management solutons.

Partnering with us will give you all the fexibility you need and plenty of opportunites to add new revenue streams to your business.

“Partnering with us
will give you all the
fexibility you need and
plenty of opportunities
to add new revenue
streams to your










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