Mitigate Ecommerce & Online Risk

Powerful online fraud prevention solutions provide online merchants with the ability to reduce and prevent ecommerce fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and unauthorized payments. All of our services are available to merchants, banks and gateways (independent of card transaction/authorization).

Pre-Authentication Services

Our North American Address Verification Services (AVS) and Card ID Verification are available as part of our payment processing services or as an independent solution (in conjunction with a merchant’s existing gateway solution). You don’t have to process with FAC to use these online risk management services. This service enables merchants to automatically screen and process transactions through our platform in real-time. Our standalone or unbundled service is perfect for global internet merchants that have North American cardholders/customers.You can use this ecommerce risk management option to add another layer of security to screen North American customers.

3-D Secure™ — securing your business from card fraud

Global merchants are able to protect themselves from fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and unauthorized payments with our cGate®SecureVerify solution, which is based on the Card Associations’ 3-D Secure™ technology. This is available to all gateways, acquirers and processors via our MPI. Protect online sales with chargeback liability shift — both Visa and MasterCard offer chargeback liability shift for fraud related chargebacks (known as friendly fraud) when transactions are authenticated through Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode™.

Kount — boost sales, beat online fraud

Kount delivers an all-in-one, SaaS model fraud and ecommerce risk management platform for companies operating in card not present (CNP) environments looking to enhance fraud detection and improve bottom line profitability. Kount is available via the FAC platform and helps you prevent fraud before it occurs. Easy to implement and easy to use, Kount’s proprietary technology has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and provides maximum protection for some of the world’s best known brands. You may be getting hit by fraudsters and not even know it! This ecommerce fraud prevention platform will increase your sales revenue while reducing your risks. Award winning platform and available through FAC!


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