Cloud-based Recurring Billing

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) provides merchants with a flexible recurring payments option whereby they can initiate a scheduled customer payment through our gateway.

This service is ideal for subscription based merchants or those with cyclical billing needs such as clubs and memberships, online magazines, digital content providers, donations, management tools, property rentals, professional associations, utility billing companies, ISP and hosting services, software upgrades and online community portals.

FAC’s gateway stores credit card information via a unique token and automatically handles the billing cycle according to merchant requirements. The merchant initiates a payment with a static value and all subsequent payments are handled by FAC. Payments can be set up to run based on the merchant’s payment schedule — daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually etc.

Scheduled payments can be viewed and managed through our Merchant Administration system.

Key Features

  • Secure, Real-time, Multi-currency Credit Card Processing
  • PCI- DSS Compliant Gateway
  • Easily Manage Subscription Payments
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Notification to Merchants indicating Payment
  • Push Notification of Card Expiry Date
  • User-friendly Reporting Tools