cGate® Reporting And Reconciliation

Our cGate® suite of products has been developed to facilitate secure, online, real-time credit card transaction reporting, and reconciliation, from anywhere on the Internet.

Our team provides merchants with a secure browser-based interface for accessing reports, customer enquiries and other administrative functions related to reporting and reconciliation. Each merchant administrator is issued a unique user ID and password with which to log into the system.

The administration system allows the merchant administrator to set up other users for access to the system as required.

Key Features

  • Download and access reports from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • Administer user access privileges
  • Review real-time transaction reports across multiple currencies and Merchant IDs (MIDS)
  • Configure and access a Virtual Terminal (VT) to manually process MO/TO payments, refunds and reversals
  • Review chargeback reports so that you can take swift and immediate action, working directly with the bank(s)
  • Create and manage recurring billing transactions
  • Manually run refunds and reversals in line with your customers’ expectations
  • Quickly identify missing over, or under payments
  • Download a full range of reports automatically to match payments with orders
  • Generate exception reports as you need them
  • Minimize human error across transaction reporting geared to income

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