Africa prepared for Christmas ecommerce boom

Business from online shopping is set to boost economies all over the world this Christmas and experts say Africa will be no different.

As reported by, consumers based in the likes of Nigeria and Egypt are choosing to buy their goods online rather than in physical stores.

With the increased availability of broadband access and consistent development of mobile devices, online shipping via smartphone or tablet is gaining great traction across the continent – much like it has in Western Europe.

Logistics firms say their business has been aided by improved infrastructure in ICT and logistics, which means geography and time are less of an issue.

Fatima Sullivan, head of retail at DHL Express in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, says the company’s recent success can be attributed to an improvement in infrastructure over the last year.

“With improved infrastructure, in terms of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and online safety and security, more people are choosing to make use of online shopping over traditional brick and mortar outlets due to the variety of products available to them at just a click of a button,” she told

Ms Sullivan said that while there was still work to be done in educating more Africans about online shopping, Christmas should still be a successful holiday season for retailers on the continent. 


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