Almost a quarter of Brits shop online weekly

Brits are spending more on a regular basis when it comes to online shopping, as a new study revealed that 24 per cent buy items online every week.   

According to, the study from Ofcom also found that almost three quarters of Brits spend money online every month and apparently it’s all down to trust. Shoppers in the UK are more trustworthy of online stores in terms of security and advertising compared to consumers in other countries.

A huge eight in ten shoppers believe that products are accurately advertised online and the majority also trust online stores when it comes to delivering the product they’ve ordered.

This trust is also causing UK consumers to spend more, as online spending increased by 16 per cent per person on average in 2012, compared to spending in 2011. In 2012 the average consumer spent £1,175 online, more than double the average spent in other countries, reports.

The figures show that the UK is a world leader when it comes to the amount spent on online shopping, with Australia coming in second place.

James Thickett, Ofcom’s director of research, commented on the report’s findings that the UK benefits from some of the cheapest deals when it comes to communication devices.

“Telecoms bills have been falling in real terms in the UK for the past ten years,” he said. “However, consumers are not just benefiting from cheaper deals – they are also getting much more for less, as the quality and range of telecoms services has expanded hugely in that time.”


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