Almost a fifth of consumers regularly shop online for food

Shopping for food online has soared in popularity over the past two years, with 16 per cent of consumers now choosing to regularly buy their groceries from ecommerce sites, new research from BuzzCity reveals.

Two years ago, just eight per cent of consumers shopped online for food on a regular basis, meaning online grocery purchases have soared by 100 per cent since 2012. The research surveyed 4,700 shoppers in total from 25 countries across six continents, reports

The traditional weekly shop has seen a decline due to this latest trend. People would rather browse ecommerce food sites instead, as it’s more convenient than heading out to the shops, and there are often better deals available. There is, however, no difference in the types of products available to buy online and offline.

Even if consumers only browse for products online, 27 per cent said they would recommend a site to a friend, reports Dr KF Lai, founder and chief executive at BuzzCity, said brands that ensure their customers have a positive experience online will be rewarded with loyalty, referrals and recommendations.

“The click and collect, reserve in store and next day delivery services that most brands now offer are a prime example of how retailers are fully maximising online as a complement to in-store shopping,” he stated. “This combined with consumers increasing confidence in online and mobile purchasing illustrated the blurring of boundaries between online and in-store shopping.”

Author: Laura Varley


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