B2C ecommerce “booming” across the globe

New readings show online sales of products “booming” for retailers across the world.

The latest review of the global ecommerce market from research company yStats.com covers revenues and a share of B2C ecommerce’s contribution to total retail sales by region and country.

The company predicts that global ecommerce will be worth almost one trillion Euros (around £873 billion) by 2013 after the market grew 20 per cent in 2012 over the previous year.

Bizreport.com cited readings from the report claiming that ecommerce transactions, typically facilitated by online payment services, now account for five per cent of total global sales.

This increased contribution has been driven by online sales in the US, which maintained its lead as the nation with the highest number of products sold.

The US accounted for around one third of all online B2C sales in 2012, but this share is set to expand even more over the next few years.

There was change in another area of the study as yStats.com tipped Asia-Pacific to become the biggest region for ecommerce, dethroning North America by recording more online sales.

Dreyerling.de says Western Europe is expected to hold on to third place in the global standings, while the report said sales of online products in Eastern Europe would decline following high sales last year. 


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