Brands seeking loyalty need to reciprocate, claims survey

If brands in the US want to guarantee their customers become loyal, they should be ensuring that such loyalty is reciprocated.

That’s the argument from Analytic Partners, a marketing consultancy which surveyed 1,000 US consumers about their shopping behaviour and expectations, reports

The survey found 48 per cent of those aged 18 to 44 years old thought that any loyalty they felt towards brands in the future would have to come from the type of experiences that brands created for them.

Following on, these types of experiences could come in the form of video, online gaming, social media and third-party expert information provided through blogs and articles. As a result, this relationship between the brand and consumer could convince them to make an online payment, or multiple payments, in the future.

The report also found that location proved to be a factor in developing loyalty. Consumers living in the south are the most loyal to the brands they buy (67 per cent) while those living on the west coast are the least loyal (56 per cent).

Nancy Smith, founder and CEO of Analytic Partners, commented on the survey to “As ecommerce continues to grow in popularity, new methods for consumer interaction are becoming a must for brands that want to strengthen retention and loyalty efforts.

“Therefore it’s become increasingly important for brands to look at their data holistically to analyse and develop new ways to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations.”


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