British retailers to dispatch 865 million online orders in 2014

British retailers will process and dispatch 865 million online orders during 2014, reports.  

According to new figures published by the UK’s online retail association IMRG, online stores are set to turn around their slow start to the year with a record-breaking end.

It claimed that year-on-year dispatch volumes would increase by 14.2 per cent by the end of 2014, thereby taking the total from 760 million (recorded in 2013) to 865 million by next January.

These positive results came after a strong February, which reversed the poorer-than-average January figures.

Despite its positive forecast, IMRG took the opportunity to warn online retailers that it wasn’t the time to rest on their laurels and watch the money roll in. Instead, they were advised to keep mindful of the customer service offering to ensure shoppers aren’t left disappointed. This was even extended to the delivery, as negative sentiment from a poor delivery service can extend to the retailers, even if a fault lay with the courier.

IMRG head of e-logistics, Andrew Starkey told that it would be better in the long run for companies to roll out higher delivery charges than simply choosing not to invest in their delivery systems at all.

Provided customer service trends remain in place, IMRG remarked that fewer than 12 per cent of deliveries will fail to meet customer expectations.


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