Brits 40 per cent more likely to buy online than other Europeans

Online shopping is more popular with Brits than other Europeans, as they are 40 per cent more likely to buy something on the internet, a new study by Nielsen reveals.

The poll, which included more than 30,000 consumers across 60 different countries, shows that since 2011, Brits’ intent to buy computer equipment, e-books and motoring products online has tripled. E-books are a particularly popular purchase, as 33 per cent are now looking to buy them online this year, reports

Some 45 per cent of British consumers plan to either book a hotel or buy clothes online within the next six months, and 43 per cent think they’ll purchase airline tickets. A further 41 per cent are likely to buy event tickets over the same time period and 39 per cent believe they’ll order games, books and DVDs online in the near future, reports

However, despite the positive news for online retailers, many British consumers are still concerned about buying items online. Just over a third (34 per cent) aren’t keen on paying to have their purchases delivered, which has put them off online shopping. A further 29 per cent are worried that their financial details will not be secure.

Neilsen’s UK head of retailer and business insight, Mike Watkins, said these concerns need to be quashed.

“More reassuring security features to improve consumer confidence are a must, while free delivery should be a serious consideration,” he stated. “Sites should also have easier navigation and clearer presentation – retailers rightly put a lot of effort into perfecting this in-store and their virtual shops require the same level of attention.”

Author: Laura Varley


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