China and India amongst emerging markets tipped to dominate global e-commerce market

China, Mexico and India and Indonesia will witness the highest national growth in e-commerce sales in the next four years, it has been claimed. A report by real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle has forecast that these emerging markets will outperform established nations by some distance in 2017.

According to, it stated that growth in mature markets will be “measured” in comparison. However, the markets in the United Kingdom and the United States were tipped to grow by double-digit figures in this time frame. Kris Bjorson, who is head of retail e-commerce distribution at Jones Lang LaSalle, believes these results present an interesting dilemma for e-commerce companies. Speaking to, he questioned what the best option might be for firms considering international expansion.

“Do they invest resources into developing countries with poor logistics infrastructure knowing that they may not see ROI for five years, or concentrate on mature markets, where there is already strong competition for both e-commerce users and premium industrial space, but an established logistics infrastructure?”, he asked. The report noted that online sales now account for four per cent of the global retail market, which represents a 14.8 per cent rise between 2007 and 2012.


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