China’s population of internet users grow to 591 million

China’s population of internet users has continued to grow, now standing at 591 million.

According to the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), the figure was reached at the end of June. It is thought that the number of internet users in the nation was boosted by the amount now using the internet of their mobile phones.

Statistics showed that 78.5 per cent of Chinese citizens (464 million) now use mobile phones to access the internet. This is up four percent compared to the end of 2012.

This new research is good news for those operating e-commerce channels in the country, as it means there is a bigger audience in which to sell. It may also show however that companies need to make sure they offer online payment services on mobile devices.

Data showed that mobile phone-related e-commerce (including online shopping, payment and banking all grew at the end of last year), according to, which may be due to the increased amount of internet users.

The communist government encourages the use of the internet for business and education, however it does try to block any material it deems to be ‘obscene’, according to

As well as boosted online shopping, the increase of internet users in the country has also increased the popularity of microblogs and online video. 


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