Chinese women more likely to shop online than men

A new study, which looked at the online shopping habits of Chinese consumers, has found that female consumers are a particular important group for e-retailers to target, because Chinese women are more likely to shop online than men, reports  

According to, the researchers from the Lincoln University in New Zealand have suggested that these female customers could benefit from the provision of online forums and chat rooms, as it will give them somewhere to share their experiences. E-retailers could then learn more about their customers and potentially increase their sales figures as a result. 

Interestingly, wealthier consumers are the least likely group to purchase items online. The researchers believe that this could be because these customers would rather examine the products in person before they purchase. Of those that did shop online, customer care after the transaction has taken place was deemed very important to wealthier consumers.

Mike Clemes, Lincoln University’s senior lecturer in marketing, said the study’s findings are important to any e-retailer trying to target Chinese customers.  

“With the right kind of research, the e-shopping experience can be dramatically improved, thereby going some way to retaining current customers and sourcing new ones,” he explained. “What’s particularly interesting about China is not only how little is known about e-shopping behaviours, but how few Chinese consumers relative to the country’s population actually use the internet for their purchases.”


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