E-commerce in Brazil to be boosted by 27 per cent in 2014

New statistics show that the e-commerce market in Brazil is set to be boosted by 27 per cent this year, compared to last year’s figures.

The Brazilian E-Commerce Association (ABComm) also claims that R$39.5 billion (£10.11 billion) is set to be made via e-commerce in the country next year. These high figures are said to be down to the fact that the World Cup is being held in Brazil.

Experts from ABComm also say that advances in the 4G network and investment into local infrastructure are set to help more Brazilians start buying more online.

Talking about the research, Mauricio Salvador, president of ABComm, told zdnet.com: “The World Cup should boost mainly sales of electronics and sporting goods, which are already strong in [Brazilian] e-commerce.”

He added: “Despite the slowing economy and the increasing levels of personal debt in Brazil, the national e-commerce gained ten million new customers in 2013, which helped maintain the industry’s average growth rates of recent years.”

E-commerce in the country added up to sales of R$31.1 billion (£7.96 billion) last year. Fashion and accessories was the most popular category for purchases in 2013, followed by home appliances, health and beauty, electronics and personal computer items.

According to growthbusiness.co.uk, e-commerce sales are predicted to grow to R$40.85 million (£10.52 million) in the country by 2016. 


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