E-commerce in India doubles

E-commerce in India has doubled over the past year. Author: Joe Elvin

E-commerce in India has doubled over the past year.

According to new statistics, around 50 million people in India have bought a product online in the last 12 months. This figure represents about half of the country’s online population.

According to India Today, many retailers of all sizes are reportedly flocking to invest in professional systems or methods like internet merchant accounts in order to profit from this remarkable trend – by making shopping on their site as easy as possible.

Ajit Chauhan, who is a managing director for a leading Indian online voucher service, has claimed that those offering large discounts on products appear to be reaping the most benefits.

He said: “The online shopping industry in India is fast catching on, not just in the larger metros but also in the smaller cities.

“The companies that provide daily deals or discount offers are doing brisk business. People are looking for value shopping that saves their money as well as time.”

Online shopping has reportedly become so popular within the country that many employers are considering banning mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets from the workplace.

According to a poll in The Times of India, more than 90 per cent of those questioned claimed their work colleagues are spending between two – four hours a day shopping online during work hours.


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