E-commerce retailers should get ready for the holidays now

E-commerce retailers should start making changes to prepare for the holiday period now, according to an article published on practicalecommerce.com.

The post recommends a number of ways businesses can do this. For example, it says firms may want to create different gift categories.

It reads: “Create a few different gift categories that can be promoted at different times. Consumers look for new ideas, especially for those friends and relatives who already have many things. You may want to organize your categories by a type of product, by price, by target customer, or some other logical schema based on the products you sell.”

It is advised that retailers promote these categories “aggressively” if they want to maximise the amount of online payment transactions they receive on their site throughout the lucrative holiday period.

Other suggestions include adding a ‘wish list’ feature that customers can use and share, offering loyalty rewards, introducing a gift wrapping service and offering shipping deals.

UK companies who incorporate these methods may find that they see even more success in what is a booming market for British companies currently.

It was reported today that online retail sales in the UK doubled in a month in August, according to ibtimes.com. The information was taken from the IMRG/Capgemini E-Retail Sales Index. 


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