Ecommerce in Saudi Kingdom to reach SR 50 billion by 2015

Saudi ecommerce in Saudi Arabia is expected to increase in value to an impressive SR 50 billion (£8.28 billion) over the next two years, reports

Ecommerce, a relatively new phenomenon in the region in comparison to neighbouring countries, is growing in stature thanks to the rise of the Internet and currently ‘limited regulations’ for ecommerce in the area.

Indeed, the first business women forum in the field of ecommerce was held a week ago with online store owner Duna Al-Sayari suggesting everyone in the field of ecommerce should team up to discuss the ‘difficulties and possible solutions [of ecommerce] to create new experiences’.

She was stressed how technical help should be given to start-up projects looking to traverse the ecommerce path but, nonetheless, ecommerce in Saudi Arabia would increase to SR 50 billion by 2015,

In addition Alabd Al-Karim, executive director of the Center for the Encouragement and Development of Business at Princess Nora University, believes that 60 per cent of those who own ecommerce websites in the region are women.

However, he admitted that the lack of an accredited online payment gateway or a system for ecommerce was one of the problems facing the platform in the Kingdom.

One of the ways to drive ecommerce takeup is to boost the awareness of ecommerce in the Kingdom, claims Al-Sayari.

“We need to make the owners of these projects more aware to make their websites more successful and I think the first stage is very important,” she added.


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