Ecommerce prospering in Latin America

The fastest-growing online population in the world last year was Latin America, according to a new report focusing on ecommerce and digital advertising.

Cited by, the ‘2013 Latin America Digital Future in Focus’ report from measurement firm, comScore, suggests Latin America is experiencing massive growth in online users, fuellng trends such as ecommerce, web usage, online video, mobile and online advertising.

The report found the number of internet users in the region increased by 12 per cent to more than 147 million unique visitors in March 2013, reports

Online shopping proved to be a huge grower in the region, with the total number of shoppers heading on to the internet to make an online payment for goods and services rising by 16 per cent. One retailer that took advantage of the popularity of Latin American ecommerce was Wal-Mart, which showed the greatest gains among the most-visited retail websites.

Different regions in South America also showed different gains, according to the report. While Brazil’s online advertising sector almost doubled over a twelve month period, online video content in Argentina also proved to be incredibly popular, with more than 95 per cent of the country’s internet population viewing such material during March 2013.

In addition, Mexico recorded 13.9 per cent of all web-based page views via smartphones and tablets – the highest in the region.


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