Indians embrace mobile shopping

A study conducted by mobile advertising network InMobi has found that online shopping via a mobile device is becoming increasingly popular in India.

Researchers originally set out to discover just how many hours Indian mobile users spend on their devices, but other results from their report also indicate a rise in demand for the services they use whilst surfing the web.

According to, an average day sees Indian consumers spending three hours on their laptop or desktop, four hours on their mobile or smartphone and an additional two hours on their tablet.

As the figures would hint, a total of 80 per cent surveyed said their mobile was their primary device and 28 per cent of this group used their palm device to shop in September.

Merchants offering their products and services to Indian consumers in return for an online payment may now wish to optimise their website for mobile devices, although business from tablet and laptop consumers might be enough in the meantime.

Other results show that a typical shopping spree would usually start between 9 – 12pm, presumably when consumers wind-down after a taxing day at work.

As reported by, the country’s brick-and-mortar stores are currently being advised to capitalise on this time window by creating a multi-channel business model.

Talking at a recent event under the banner ‘Clicks to Bricks: Ensuring your retail presence in physical and cyberworld to capture the entire spectrum of shoppers’, corporate advisor of fashion retailer, Rajiv Prakash, noted that the large majority of top US e-commerce retailers come from a background in bricks-and-mortar.

He added: “Consumers are now ready in India for e-commerce but a lot of effort is needed to get the messages of online retailers to percolate down to the brick-and-mortar retailers.”


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