Internet use in Asia-Pacific continuing to grow

Asia-Pacific has been recognised as the fast-growing ‘digital region’ in the world, claiming more users than anywhere else on the globe, reports

According to a report by comScore, titled ‘Digital Future in Focus’, around 41 per cent of global internet users now reside in Asia-Pacific compared to 27 per cent in Europe and 14 per cent in North America.

In addition, internet users in Asia-Pacific ‘happily’ switch between a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The study suggests Vietnam has the largest number of ‘digital natives’ in South-East Asia, rising 14 per cent year-on-year, while the Philippines has the fastest growth of users in that region, cites

In Asia-Pacific overall, China has the lion’s share of users – 55.2 per cent – followed by Japan on 12.2 per cent and South-East Asia on 10 per cent.

The internet’s penetration in Asia-Pacific should only confirm thoughts that the region is prime for e-commerce. It is likely that as internet growth increases in the region, users may feel more confident in making an online payment for goods and services across the web.

However, North America still rules supreme when it comes to online engagement – 37.2 hours per visitor per month on average – followed by Europe on 26.8.


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