Londoners spend more on drunken web purchases

One fifth of Brits have made questionable online purchases while a little drunk, with Londoners spending more than most on each order, the results of a new survey show.

After questioning 2,000 people across the country, charity donation platform Give as you Live found that 20 per cent have bought something after a night out, with an average transaction price of £70. In the capital, however, this figure almost doubled to reach £134.

According to, men are more likely than women to let alcohol affect their purchasing decisions, and tend to spend around £20 more than female shoppers.

The survey found that impractical items are a little more popular among inebriated web surfers than functional products. The results show that drunken shoppers have bought everything from action figures and novelty mugs to bulk boxes of toiletries.

While alcohol is clearly making it easier for some shoppers to convince themselves that they’re making wise investments, online consumers on the whole are spending more time finalising their purchasing decisions.

According to, many e-retailers are witnessing a new trend known as ‘boomerooming’ – the process of researching a product online, visiting a bricks-and-mortar store to see it close up, and then returning home to find the best deals for the same item online. 


Author: Graeme Parton


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