Loyal customers crucial to e-commerce success

Loyal customers are crucial to the success of e-commerce websites, a new study has indicated.

Research completed by online marketing company Qubit has suggested that 40 per cent of an online retailer’s income is generated by the most active 1.06 per cent of visitors. 

This group of shopaholics were found to visit their favourite e-commerce websites 300 times more often than the average user, buying products far more readily.    

According to telegraph.co.uk, these shoppers were most likely to be stay-at-home mums or the unemployed.

Graham Cooke, who is chief executive of Qubit, argued that e-commerce website owners should do all they can to encourage loyal shoppers to keep spending money.

In a statement cited by dailyme.com, he said: “By understanding what people are doing on your site, and whether or not they’re going to turn into paying customers, you can make more informed decisions about where to invest your marketing budget.”

“Conversely, its vital that you encourage and embrace your golden core and the focused few because these tiny segments are driving a massive percentage of your revenue.”

The study suggested that one in six customers were typically regular visitors who never actually brought a product. On average, one visitor in every 40 will fill their online shopping basket but fail to complete a transaction.


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