Make checking out seamless, urges ecommerce expert

Ecommerce expert Kostas Papageorgiou has urged online retailers to ensure their check-out processes are rid of complications and hurdles in order to boost sales.

Writing at, Mr Papageorgiou said this stage was crucial in increasing conversations and sales, as it’s the final stop for people shopping on a website.

As he explains, this is where people enter their credit card information and finally hand over their hard-earned cash. However, they can always abandon their basket without paying if they believe the process is taking too long.

Mr Papageorgiou says the art of online payment processing is made all the more seamless through consistent web design. He attributes this to stories of online scams that force people to be sceptical when facing a checkout page that’s different from the website they were originally on.

“Sure, certain online payment providers deliver the frontend ready-made for you, but you give up control over the look and feel of your checkout page.

“From a branding perspective, you’ll want to keep everything as consistent as possible,” he added.

Cited by, Mr Papageorgiou said only asking for the minimum amount of information can also help retailers make their check-out more appealing.

“Nothing kills a conversion more than having to fill out a form with information that’s not necessary for making a purchase,” he stated, recommending the use of a basic payment form to aid sales. 


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