Mobile ecommerce could be worth nearly half a trillion in five years

Mobile ecommerce is booming globally, according to new figures from Juniper Research, which predicts substantial growth in the sector.

Mobile transactions look set to harvest a total annual value of $730 billion (£466.5 billion) by 2017, according to ‘Mobile Payments for Digital & Physical Goods: Opportunity Analysis 2012-2017’, mainly due to the purchase of digital and physical goods, reports

An increase in ‘real-world’ (non-digital) orders from major brands and retailers is driving the growth while the rising popularity of tablet devices is also proving to be a factor.

As a result, ‘couch commerce’ – the art of making an online payment from a tablet/mobile device at home – is becoming increasingly prevalent among consumers. Consumers are also engaging in online shopping while watching TV.

However, cites that such transactions will form a fraction of overall sales, with the global retail sales marketplace currently worth over $16 trillion.

Windsor Holden, author of the report, commented: “We have already moved towards a multi-tasking, multimedia environment which offers brands the opportunity for far greater engagement with consumers than was previously the case.

“Mobile is increasingly being deployed at all touch points in the retail process – product discovery, product purchase, customer retention,” added Holden.


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