Multi-channel offerings lengthen buying process

The growth of multi-channel retailing has caused consumers to lull over their fashion buys for stretched periods, usually lasting around 3.4 days.

Research from Webloyalty indicates that the time it takes a customer to obtain a garment has soared over the last 10 years, possibly due to take-up in multi-channel services and competition from e-commerce retailers.

Cited by, allowing time for browsing, researching, purchasing and collection, shoppers would commonly take just half a day to obtain their product in 2002. However, perhaps overwhelmed by the amount of competition, consumers in 2012 require 3.4 days to weigh up their purchase.

This has also been aided by an increase in companies offering ‘click and collect’. Through this method of purchase, consumers can browse an online catalogue or website, possibly weigh up the options elsewhere then make a payment over the internet. The item can then be picked up in store promptly after.

Guy Chiswick, managing director of Webloyalty, says the 3.4-day period offers brands a chance to showcase their quality service – from the fast navigation to the hassle-free online payment.

“The birth of several new channels being used by shoppers to make fashion purchases has added both to the cost and complexity of managing the path to purchase for retailers,” he told

“Since consumers also now spend more time between browsing, researching and purchasing, retailers face the new challenge of maintaining customer engagement with the brand over a longer period of time.”


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