New iPhone tech to auto-input card details

iPhone users may soon find it quicker and easier than ever to shop online thanks to a new feature set to be rolled out as part of iOS 8.

The operating system is strongly rumoured to include a new feature which would enable users to scan their credit or debit cards using their phone’s built-in camera. With this, the software can then extrapolate the card details, such as account number and sort code, then auto-populate the required fields with this information.

Not only could this make the process a great deal quicker and easier, it could also reduce the chance of errors, notes, with users less likely to hit the wrong digit on their small keyboards when typing in the details.

Such a measure could also prove beneficial for retailers – especially if they are courting the business of a brand new customer. Analysts have long argued that the time consuming nature of entering these details has prompted some individuals to abandon their baskets and head to a different store they have already used before where their information has been saved.

With this capability at hand, however, they will not need to revert back – meaning the retailer doesn’t lose business.

Elsewhere, Apple has announced that iOS 8 will also feature a more intuitive keyboard, which predicts the words an owner uses most often and can even learn how they type for more improved accuracy, notes.


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