Older shoppers embracing e-commerce

Online purchases by over-50s consumers are up by a quarter in the last two years. Author: Ashley Curtis

That’s according to new research by Saga Platinum, which suggests the 25 percent rise in online purchases now accounts for £1 in every £8 spent on a credit card – compared to £1 in every £13 two years ago.

One of the main drivers for the increase in online purchases has been music platforms such as iTunes and books, as the report suggests there has been a massive increase in the number of online shopping transactions for both – 738 percent and 4,436 percent respectively.

In addition, the dawn of smartphones and tablets has been a big contributor to the statistics, with more than a quarter of the over-50s surveyed claiming they own a smartphone, iPad or other make of tablet.

Creditcards.co.uk cites that on average, over-50s tend to make an online payment of around £5.16 on music, £11.58 on video games, £20.08 on books, £31.17 on internet dating and £45.33 on concerts.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive at Saga Services, commented on the trend on easier.com: “Today’s over-50s embrace new technology and are not fearful of it – they are savvy and confident shoppers on-line and enjoy the convenience and ability to shop around at the click of a mouse.”


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