Online retail affecting the items people buy

The ever-rising trend for online shopping has changed the type of items Brits are most often buying, reports.

According to new research from Matches Fashion, people shopping from the comfort of their own living rooms are much more likely to go for bright, colourful or patterned garments that jump off the website. Conversely, dark trousers and plain garments are coming out of favour as these don’t quite catch the attention so well.

Matches Fashion even went so far as to claim that twice as many bright, colourful garments are purchased online than dark, dour items.

The claim was echoed by fellow fashion retailer Asos, which claimed it too had noted such a trend. In fact, Asos claimed that almost two thirds of the items it sells online would fall into the brighter category.

Whether this trend continues for much longer is yet to be seen, however, as online fashion retailers are increasingly expected to use ‘digital showrooms’ to better illustrate what the garment could look like on the wearer – which is currently based more on guesswork and hope.

Fashion experts are now expected to follow the trend carefully, notes, with some even thinking it could have played a part in the recent months seeing chunky prints come firmly back into fashion.


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