Online retail searches rise by 12 percent

Online retail searches rose 12 percent in the third quarter of this year and more people are using their tablets or mobile phones to search for items online.

According to, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Google Online Retail Monitor showed that the number of searches conducted on desktops dropped by ten per cent last quarter.

However, tablet searches experienced a huge 100 percent rise and mobile phone searches also rose by an impressive 58 percent.

The number of international buyers searching for UK retailers rose by 23 percent – a rise from 16 percent in the previous quarter, reports

Google retail director, Peter Fitzgerald, said the cooler weather has partly helped online retailers experience a boom.

“The glorious summer weather that extended into July at time proved tough for online trading, as customers opted to enjoy the sunshine,” he explained. “However, in the past two months of the quarter there was a drop in temperatures, which led to overall queries growing at 12 percent in the third quarter.”

He noted that the gardening and DIY sectors have done particularly well; citing that one of the most popular search terms last quarter was ‘garden furniture’.


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