Online shoppers in the UK prefer debit cards

New statistics reveal that online shoppers are now favouring debit cards over credit cards, according to

The UK Cards Association claim shoppers spent £35 billion on debit cards online last year, compared to £34 billion on credit cards for online payment transactions.

This is the first time for debit cards overtaking credit cards when it comes to online sales, however it is not that surprising as statistics show that 91 per cent of the UK population have a debit card, compared to 61 per cent who have a credit card.

It is thought that the increase of spending on debit cards has been fuelled by an increase in smaller payments, as well as a rise in overseas transactions.

The report also found that credit card borrowing had become ‘subdued’ in recent years, due to more caution amongst shoppers, however the association did say that borrowing for high-value items is set to increase as the economy improves over the next few years, according to

As well as online, debit cards are also being more frequently used in shops. Figures show that on average, each debit card holder made 205 transactions on their card last year, an increase of ten from last year.

The UK Cards Association also predicted that spending on cards will nearly double over the next decade, increasing from £477 billion currently, to £840 billion, according to


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