Online shopping to drive UK deliveries to over 1.35 billion by 2018

The number of online deliveries sent by UK retailers is set to rise to 1.35 billion by 2018, a new report from Barclays predicts.

This significant growth will largely be driven by the increasing popularity of using mobile and tablet devices for online shopping. Moreover, the widening choice of delivery options is also set to boost the industry. In fact, between 2013 and 2018, the number of deliveries generated by online orders will rise by 29 per cent, reports

Click and collect services would be used by almost 30 per cent of retailers as their preferred delivery option. However, consumers aren’t so keen, as less than 20 per cent of Brits have used this service within the past year, reports Furthermore, the majority of retailers think online shopping has boosted sales, but more than 30 per cent believe it has affected their costs negatively.

Richard Lowe, head of retail and wholesale at Barclays, said seven in ten consumers want faster delivery options, such as Sunday deliveries.

“Already, retailers are starting to introduce more convenient and flexible delivery services such as non-store based click and collect pick up points,” he explained.

“However, with the online sales momentum set to continue, our research shows that it is more important than ever for retailers to reassess their online strategy and boost investment in the online fulfilment process to maximise the benefits of this growing market place.”

Author: Laura Varley


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